In 2015, our media, tvs, and smart phones were consumed with information about the refugee crisis occurring in Europe. Hundreds and thousands of refugees were arriving at European borders desperate for a chance to find safety for them and their families. News about the refugee crises was flooding our news channel and our nation watched and responded with questions like:

“What is a refugee?”
“What is the vetting process like?”
“Will my family be safe?”

We believe education is part of helping our neighbors, friends, and family understand the current refugee crisis.

By clicking this link learn what the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services says about how a refugee is defined and how people qualify to receive refugee status.

Watch this video and learn the process that refugees go through before they land on U.S. soil. Let it move our hearts in compassion as we seek to understand the arduous process of resettling in the states.

And share! Share these links on your social media, start the conversations, and invite others to partner with you as you seek to welcome the refugee.